SNG Plant
Management Team


The Gas Company provides gas energy to consumers, business and government throughout the state of Hawaii — Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai.

We make synthetic natural gas (SNG) from byproducts of imported petroleum that is refined for use in Hawaii. The Gas Company supplies SNG through a 1,100-mile pipeline network to over 28,000 commercial and residential utility customers.

We supply liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or propane) imported or refined in Hawaii to more than 40,000 commercial and residential utility and non-utility customers statewide. Where possible, we create mini-utility pipeline networks powered by propane for clusters of customers, while others are served by regular delivery of propane to onsite tanks.

We serve every community on the six major Hawaiian islands with the lowest cost fuel for water heating, cooking and clothes drying. Using gas for heat energy makes most sense. It is cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and more reliable. Next to the sun itself, gas is the smartest and best source of heat energy in and for Hawaii.

Our carbon footprint is 40 percent that of electricity on an energy equivalent basis. And we are planning to reduce that even further through the use of renewable and sustainable fuels. This will also reduce The Gas Company’s nearly 100-percent dependence on foreign oil.

We are more than 300 energy professionals working daily to ensure that our customers — large and small — get reliable gas energy for all their heating needs, without interruption.

The Gas Company LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Infrastructure Company (NYSE: MIC — MIC owns, operates, and invests in a diversified group of infrastructure businesses that provide basic services to customers across the United States.
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