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Truck fleets turn to clean, green, domestic natural gas fuel
Trucking fleets across the country are discovering the benefits of natural gas fuel. Some fleets are motivated by fuel savings and price stability. Others support the goal of reducing our dependence on imported oil. Still more enjoy the environmental and sustainability benefits of this cleaner, abundant American resource.

Many natural gas trucks operate today in a wide variety of applications including port drayage, bulk hauling, LTL, intermodal, goods movement, and local pickup and delivery. Natural gas-fueled trucks are hauling loads up to 80,000 GVW (or more depending on local weight restrictions).

With the advent of new truck engines well suited for applications like heavy-duty over-the-road trucking, natural gas trucks are now available from the leading truck manufacturers and supported by their national dealer networks.

Building America's Natural Gas Highway
Clean Energy envisions a U.S. fueling network that enables trucks to operate on natural gas in all key markets and between these markets.

To make this goal a reality, Clean Energy is actively developing America's Natural Gas Highway, with LNG and CNG fueling stations at strategic locations along major interstate trucking corridors. This network will form the backbone of a national fueling infrastructure. Many stations will be located at Pilot-Flying J truck stops that already serve truckers across the country.

Las Vegas/Premier ANGH LNG Station — View video
Good for the bottom line
up to $1.50 or more less per gallon than diesel
Good for the environment
23% less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel
Good for truck drivers
no unhealthy diesel fumes to breathe, quiet running
Good for community health
significantly less asthma and cancer-causing emissions
Good for America
support energy independence
America's Natural Gas Highway®
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America's Natural Gas Highway®
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Expanding Choices for Natural Gas Engines
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President Obama Supports Natural Gas for Trucking

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Trucking Q&A
Jim Harger, Chief Marketing Officer

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When to use
for Trucking

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Natural Gas and the Supply Chain
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LNG Fueling
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LNG Roundup

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LNG & Trucking
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Why Clean Energy?
Fleets operators appreciate that Clean Energy satisfies their natural gas fueling needs for CNG, LNG or both. Turnkey services include: station design and construction; station financing; operations and maintenance; station remote monitoring; grant-writing; vehicle financing; public policy development; LNG production; LNG logistics; fuel retailing and marketing; and biogas production and marketing.

Fleets can receive substantial financial support thanks to Clean Energy's grant-writing experts who have secured over $250 million for vehicle purchases and infrastructure. Clean Energy can also provide capital for fueling stations. Natural gas fuel costs up to $1.50 or more per gallon less than diesel fuel, and projections call for this favorable cost difference to extend well into the future. Contact us today to learn how you can enjoy the cheaper, cleaner, lower carbon, and domestic fuel benefits of natural gas.

For more information, contact:
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, Vice President, Sales
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