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Natural gas — The Critical Connection

Clean Energy reliably fuels more than 6,000 natural gas buses across North America every day, supplying both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to transit fleets that include LA Metro in Los Angeles, Metro RTA in Akron, Ohio, and TransLink in Vancouver, Canada.

When considering fueling options for their fleets, transit operators need to address multiple concerns—concerns about complying with clean-air mandates, controlling fuel costs, and reducing dependence on imported oil. For many transit fleets, switching to natural gas fuel has proven to be the answer—because natural gas is cleaner, greener, cheaper, and domestically abundant.

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Transit Fleets: The Natural Gas Solution

In terms of clean air performance, when compared to 2010 diesel models, natural gas-powered vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 23% in medium to heavy-duty applications and produce less smog-generating nitrogen oxides (NOx) and harmful particulate matter (PM). Helping to control fuel costs and providing a significant cost benefit to transit operators, natural gas fuel averages up to $1.50 or more less per gallon than diesel fuel. And, according to Department of Energy estimates, 98% of the natural gas consumed in North America is sourced in North America, therefore deploying natural gas transit vehicles helps reduce dependence on foreign oil.

For all these reasons, a rapidly growing number of transit agencies across North America—from Boston to Phoenix, Denver to Vancouver, and Los Angeles to Washington DC—are transitioning their fleets from diesel and gasoline to natural gas fuel. Today, 25% of all new transit buses on order are natural gas-powered.

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