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Solid waste trucks: the Clean Energy solution
Solid waste fleets represent one of the major markets that is benefiting significantly as the country shifts increasingly away from expensive imported oil. CNG costs up to $1.50 per gallon equivalent less than diesel fuel, and projections call for this favorable cost trend to extend well into the future. This translates to annual fuel cost savings (natural gas vs. diesel) of up to $15,000 per truck. Some fleets are tracking efficiency in terms of operating cost and finding hourly operating cost reductions of as much as $10 per hour.

And there's no sacrifice in terms of truck operating performance, since natural gas trucks easily match the horsepower and torque of diesel models. Waste haulers have a wide range of CNG truck makes and models to choose from today, any of which can be configured as
roll-offs, front, side, or rear loaders (depending on operator requirements.) Clean Energy reliably fuels thousands of natural
gas solid waste trucks every day across America, and the numbers
are steadily growing.

Clean Energy's proven solid waste fleet solution includes:
• Comprehensive natural gas fueling supply services
• Long-term fuel contracts and discounted fueling options
• Fleet fuel station design, construction and ongoing operations
• Assistance with securing grant funding, vehicle leasing, and
financial incentives

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Why are solid waste truck fleet operators across America switching to natural gas fuel?
The Energy Information Administration (EIA/DOE) estimates that 98% of the natural gas consumed in North America is sourced in North America, and domestic supplies are projected to last for 120 years.

In terms of clean air performance when compared to older diesel models, today's CNG trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 23%, and produce significantly less smog-generating nitrogen oxides and harmful particulate matter. In addition to running cleaner, trucks with natural gas engines run quieter when idling than their diesel-powered counterparts — helping reduce noise pollution in American communities.

For more information, contact:

Christopher Logan, Director, National Accounts, Solid Waste
Office: (562) 493-2804
Cell: (562) 370-8890

Erin Wolter
Cell: (562) 477-3404
e: ewolter@cleanenergyfuels.com
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