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Why choose Clean Energy for natural gas fueling? The real question is: Why not?

When you ask Clean Energy to provide Operation & Maintenance services with our Sentinel™ Platinum Plan under long-term contract, here's what you get. No one else can do this.

(Note: If you do not seek the complete set of services listed below, we also offer two other plans tailored specifically to a fleet's reduced needs — Basic Maintenance and Warranty and Extended Maintenance and Warranty.)

Basic Features
• Known costs
• Services performed by factory trained Clean Energy employees, not outsourced labor
• Extended term to 15 years
• 24/7 onsite response dispatch
• Guaranteed 30-minute remote monitoring response time
• Guaranteed 2 to 6 hour onsite response time
• Seamless transitioning from station commissioning to operations
• Third-party retail customer service & support
• Clean Energy card accepted for third-party retail fueling

Remote Monitoring 24/7
• Sentinel™ monitoring system for all station equipment alarms & faults
• Sentinel™ monitoring system for all station equipment warnings


Inspection, Maintenance & Repair
• "Bumper-to-Bumper" warranty including labor for term of contract
• OEM warranty claims processing included at no extra cost
• Compressor OEM-prescribed inspections included
• Preventive maintenance program for all station equipment
• Quality control and safety inspection program
• Computerized Maintenance Management System
• Priority access to Clean Energy parts warehouse

Management Services

• Customer online access to remote monitoring data
• Operating data recording & trending
• Advanced operating data recording, trending & reporting
• Station operation optimization settings
• Electricity demand management
• Quarterly operations review
• GPS Monitored Service Technicians
• Factory Trained Service Technicians
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