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Clean Energy Finance, a subsidiary of Clean Energy, provides creative financing solutions for natural gas fleet customers in the refuse, transit, trucking, shuttle, taxi and limousine industries. We understand the unique requirements of our customers in these markets and have worked closely with them to successfully finance hundreds of their natural gas vehicles (NGVs). A key component of these successful outcomes is Clean Energy Finance’s experience in applying federal and local tax credits to lower the cost of acquiring these low emission vehicles. In addition to local tax credits, Clean Energy Finance has assisted its customers in accessing substantial federal tax credits for NGVs ranging from $4,000 to $32,000 per vehicle.
Here are a few examples of how Clean Energy Finance can apply its experience and creativity to assist fleet customers across a range of markets:

Assisting the Trucking Industry

By combining local grants with competitive financing, we have enabled regional trucking companies to get natural gas trucks on the road. For one such company, Clean Energy Finance was able to provide bridge and permanent financing while the customer waited for grants to be processed. This allowed the customer to deploy his liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks months ahead of schedule and thus save a key contract with a large national retailer. In addition to saving this key contract, the company also realized thousands of dollars in fuel savings by using natural gas instead of diesel.

Assisting Local Governments
Local governments are continually challenged to provide adequate service levels yet stay within their ever tightening budgets. Older, heavy-duty equipment costs more to maintain and comes with additional downtime, making it difficult for governments to cost-effectively provide critical services. To address these concerns, Clean Energy Finance has created flexible financing options so that municipalities are able to “front load” their vehicle purchases while staying within their budget. Deploying vehicles at an earlier phase eliminates the inflated maintenance costs of older equipment and allows a municipality to recognize reduced maintenance expenses and lower fuel costs. As an additional benefit, local governments find that community residents appreciate the switch to a more economical, cleaner, and quieter city fleet that uses a domestic fuel source.

  Assisting the Refuse Industry
In the refuse industry, we helped a large regional operator replace 30 of his older diesel collection trucks with new natural gas trucks that meet the EPA 2010 emission standards. Through the use of a low-interest-rate leasing program, our customer was able to acquire his new compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks over a few months while saving thousands of dollars in lease payments and fuel. As a result of switching to a fleet of vehicles that were cleaner and used a domestic fuel that was less expensive than diesel, the client was able to secure additional municipal refuse contracts.

Assisting the Airport Transit Industry
Airports across the nation are trying to reduce harmful air emissions and many have adopted policies encouraging the use of natural gas vehicles by their groundside operators and contractors. Whether it’s offsite parking operators, hotel shuttles or rental car buses, Clean Energy Finance has structured competitive leasing and financing programs to allow organizations operating around airports to deploy new NGVs in a short timeframe, thereby helping the airports meet their air quality goals. To ensure these airport operators have easy access to fuel, Clean Energy currently operates CNG fueling stations at over 24 large airports around the United States.

Assisting Your Organization
With new federal clean-air financial incentives available, Clean Energy Finance can help commercial and municipal customers contribute to a better environment in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Peter Grace heads the Clean Energy Finance team and has extensive experience in the leasing and finance industry. His managerial and transactional resourcefulness has successfully guided many government and commercial entities towards their financial objectives. Contact Peter Grace to discover how the Clean Energy Finance team can assist you.

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