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Developing biomethane energy resources for renewable fuel
Acknowledging the growing potential of biomethane as a renewable, low-emission fuel for fleet vehicles, Clean Energy formed a subsidiary, Clean Energy Renewable Fuels (CERF), to develop and produce biomethane energy resources from landfills and other organic waste facilities.

While natural gas is 23% cleaner in carbon emissions than diesel in heavy-duty vehicles — and far cleaner in NOX and PM emissions — biomethane enables an 88% reduction in carbon emissions when displacing diesel or gasoline.

CERF owns and operates a landfill gas processing facility in Dallas, TX that produces renewable biomethane that is currently delivered into the nation's gas pipeline network and displaces conventional natural gas.
The McCommas Bluff landfill — the third largest landfill gas operation in the United States, opened in 1975 and is scheduled to close in 2042. It is estimated that pipeline quality biomethane gas will continue to be produced for approximately 30 years after the landfill closes. The plant is currently capable of processing 9.4 million cubic feet a day of landfill gas into approximately 36,000 gasoline gallon equivalents of pipeline quality biomethane. Dallas Clean Energy plans to increase this capacity to approximately 14.9 million cubic feet a day and make further improvements that should enable the production of approximately 60,000 gasoline gallon equivalents a day of pipeline quality biomethane.

RNG is renewable natural gas comprised of 10% or 20% biomethane and the balance of natural gas. The effect for the user is to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint by employing this blend. CERF has named these fuels RNG-10 and RNG-20 and is uniquely suited in the fueling world to provide it to customers because of its production of biomethane.

Of particular interest to Clean Energy's fleet customers is the landfill gas processing plant's potential for expansion. Expansion of the plant's production capacity will support additional gas sales, including the use of renewable biomethane as a vehicle fuel. Clean Energy has the ability to transport biomethane from its McCommas Bluff operations or other biomethane production sites to its national network of CNG and LNG fueling stations for use as a vehicle fuel.

In 2011, CERF began development of a project to process and sell renewable natural gas recovered from the Sauk Trail Hills Landfill site in Canton, Michigan. Clean Energy is building a high-BTU landfill gas processing plant, which will produce renewable natural gas for injection into the natural gas pipeline system. The renewable natural gas will be distributed for vehicle fuel use to natural gas fleets, Clean Energy customers and direct use by renewable power customers. When the landfill-gas-to-energy processing facility is fully operational, output of clean, green bio-methane is expected to equate to 6 million diesel gasoline gallon equivalents annually. Production is expected to begin in 2012.

Clean Energy Renewable Fuels is actively pursuing additional opportunities to develop biomethane production sites and acquire biomethane for sale as a vehicle fuel to its customers.

For more information, contact:
Harrison Clay, President of Clean Energy Renewable Fuels
e: hclay@cleanenergyfuels.com

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