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  NorthStar Inc.
Advanced LNG/LCNG Technology Leader
Operating as a Clean Energy subsidiary since December 2010, NorthStar, Inc. is a well-established premier provider of engineered LNG/LCNG (liquefied to compressed natural gas) fueling systems and stations.

In the past, Clean Energy has relied on NorthStar for the development and construction of a number of Clean Energy public access and private LNG fuel stations located throughout the Western U.S.

The NorthStar acquisition enhances Clean Energy’s capabilities and strengthens the company’s position as an integrated provider of advanced LNG fueling services. Clean Energy envisions an LNG fueling station infrastructure that will serve major goods movement and trucking corridors nationwide — and is developing America's Natural Gas Highway, a backbone network of 150 LNG fueling stationsthat will enable goods movement coast-to-coast and border-to-border.

Delivering turnkey LNG solutions since its founding in 1994, NorthStar is a Wyoming-based licensed general contractor with the proven ability to design, install, operate and maintain LNG/LCNG fueling facilities. Capabilities include: preparing civil, electrical and mechanical drawings; securing station building permits; performing site improvements; fabricating and installing engineered LNG/LCNG systems; performing site commissioning and training; and providing warranty and preventive maintenance services.

In addition, NorthStar is a recognized leader in LNG/LCNG fueling systems technologies, including the manufacture of one of only two LNG dispensers that meet standard Weights and Measures performance criteria.

A typical NorthStar-built LNG fleet fueling station can offload transported LNG fuel; condition the fuel for use; and dispense it quickly and easily to LNG-powered heavy-duty vehicles.

For more information, visit www.northstarlng.com

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